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African most loved swallows

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The Story of Amoji Afro Combo Box

African Swallow

At Afro Combo Box, our mission is simple yet profound: to bridge the gap between Nigerian abroad and the flavors of home they dearly miss. We understand the profound connection individuals have with the tastes and aromas of their native cuisine, especially when it comes to the cherished “Swallow Food” that forms the heart of many Nigerian meals. Our endeavor is fueled by a passion to ensure that members of the African-Nigerian community in our locality can access the essential foodstuffs that evoke memories of their homeland.

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Savvy Savanna
combo box

The Naija Nourishment box is your passport to the flavors of Nigeria, right at your fingertips.

Savvy Savanna
combo box

Crafted for savvy shoppers looking to explore African cuisine on a budget, this sampler features a handpicked selection of wallet-friendly ingredients and pantry essentials.

Sankofa Variety

Rediscover the flavors of your roots with our Sankofa Variety Selection combo box. Named after the Akan word for “go back and get it,” Sankofa embodies the spirit of reconnecting with your cultural heritage through food.

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