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Sankofa Variety Selection

Rediscover the flavors of your roots with our Sankofa Variety Selection combo box. Named after the Akan word for “go back and get it,” Sankofa embodies the spirit of reconnecting with your cultural heritage through food. Designed for students longing for a taste of home, this box features a curated collection of African-inspired ingredients and pantry staples. From traditional grains and flours to exotic spices and condiments, each item is a delicious reminder of the rich culinary traditions of Africa. Embrace your heritage and savor the flavors of the past with Sankofa Variety Selections.


The Combo Pack Contains

Garri: Cassava Grains 2lb

Elubo: Yam Flour 2lb

Honey Beans: 2lb

Palm Oil: 1L

Yellow Garri (1lb) or Wheat swallow (1lb)


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